Advecta 2 for Cats


Advecta 2 for cats is one of the leading flea repellants in the industry. The superior formula combined with the fragrance-free results is hard to match, especially when the vast majority of other flea repellants use bitter scents that rub off on our hands when we pet our cats. With a solution that stays on for a quarter of a year, it’s no wonder that thousands of cat owners are trying out this potent mixture.

Advecta 2 for cats

If you’re cat has been struggling with fleas, or you simply want to prevent them from showing up in the first place, Advecta 2 for cats is one of the best places to start. For more information, read on below!

Advecta 2 instruction for cats

How to Use Advecta 2 for Cats

Using this product is rather simple in comparison to other flea repellants for cats. They come in a four pack, all of which have caps with inverted points at the top. When you unscrew the cap, you can then flip the point over and poke a hole in the sealed lid of the bottle. The cap can be thrown away in the trash, and the bottle is ready to use.

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Apply a thin bead of the formula onto your cat’s neck, mid-section, and right above their tail. These are the three main area that fleas tend to find homes due to the thick fur and soft skin. Once they start planting their eggs, it can be challenging to remove everything. However, applying this flea repellant on these three areas of your cat’s back will prevent all sorts of problems down the road.

The three lines can be rubbed in using latex gloves to let it soak into your cat’s skin and fur. Remember that the only way any flea repellant can work is if it soaks in all the way. A little bit of the solution might stick to their hair, but as long as the majority makes its way through then everything will work as it should.

How Does It Work

Advecta 2 for cats uses the same active ingredients as all of the big name brands without costing massive amounts of money. You’ll get quick-acting results with a budget-friendly price that nobody could argue with. Each supply will last you for several months to a year, making it well-worth the protection of your cat. The two aforementioned active ingredients are Imidacloprid and Pyriproxyfen.

Flea life cycle

These two compounds kill off fleas in a matter of twelve hours. It might sound incredibly fast, and that’s because it is! You can help your cat kill of their fleas in half of a day, regardless of the size of the infestation. It also works miracles against flea eggs, which can be a much bigger problem than the actual fleas themselves. Many other brands on the market don’t target the eggs, which then hatch and repeat the problem.

This product takes it one step further by not only killing off the fleas and their eggs, but it also prevents them from coming back for up to 4 months per dosage. This of course varies on the severity and population of fleas in your cat’s daily living environment, but it still pushes far past the competition. Why waste money on another product that won’t fight off eggs or keep the fleas gone for the long run?

The rarely known truth about fleas is that eliminating them isn’t going to get the trick done. Sure, it might kill off the current batch and help you cat to stop scratching their bites so much, but you need something that will stop it in its tracks completely.

Imagine if ants were invading your home. You wouldn’t spray each ant individual with bug spray, because you’d have to keep spraying forever! Instead, you place traps throughout the house to prevent the problem in the first place. This is identical to how we need to treat our cats at home. The good news is that Advecta takes care of the prevention and the initial elimination.

Fleas on cat

Safety Tips for Flea Medication

It should go without saying that flea medication shouldn’t be ingested whatsoever. It might absorb into the top layer of your cat’s skin, but they should never be allowed to go anywhere near the bottles in case of accidental consumption. If you see your cat licking the medication, gently nudge them away from it. When something new, especially a strange unknown substance, is introduced into their life, our pets love to investigate! Do your best to stop them from doing so.

When you’re all finished with the application process, you need to wash your hands thoroughly to prevent it from getting into your food, on your eyes, or anywhere on your face. This can cause serious irritation, so clean up immediately after the dosing. All in all, Advecta is a safe product to use in your home, but like all pest preventers, take the necessary precautions for you and your beloved cat!

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It should also be noted that this specific flea repellant is waterproof, meaning your cat can take showers, baths, or any other form of cleaning without you having to worry about it coming off. This feature is another massive benefit that puts Advecta 2 leaps and bounds ahead of all of the single-use, non-waterproof repellants that come at twice the cost.

Choosing the Correct Advecta 2 For Your Cat

Make sure that when you’re picking out this product, that you pick the correct dosage. Advecta 2 is made for both cats and dogs, with a wide range of choices per weight limit. It works for dogs from three pounds to well over 55 pounds with several increments to divide up the choices. For cats, you can select either five to nine pounds as one option or 9+ pounds as another. Kittens and cats below five pounds shouldn’t use most flea medications, as they can be too harmful for their developing skin and fur.

Advecta 2 for cats comes with four different labels to let you know when it’s time to start the next dosage. This method prevents gaps in between uses, further limiting any possibility of fleas or flea eggs from developing. Again, if you live in a wooded area or an environment that has more fleas than usual, you might have to use it as much as once a month to once every four months. Keep track with the provided calendar stickers and you and your cat will be good to go!

Protection from fleas and lice

Common Questions and Concerns About Advecta 2 for Cats

Although you can read all of the amazing benefits of this product above, you still might have a few questions to ensure that you’re getting the best selection around. There are plenty of FAQ’s about Advecta 2, all of which are answered here in this section. If you’re on the fence about how good it might actually be, or how safe it is for your family, you’re in the right place to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Can you mix and match Advecta for cats and dogs?

As previously mentioned, Advecta has dosages for both cats and dogs. Since cats are generally much smaller than dogs, you shouldn’t mix up the dosages. The active ingredients remain the same across all of their products, but the amount packed into each bottle and the potency of the mix is much stronger as their weight goes up. For safety purposes alone, you should never try to use Advecta for dogs with your cat, or vice versa. You’ll either irritate their skin or cause it to not work at all.

Advecta II and dogs

Is it safe to use it on other animals?

It can be challenging to find the right kind of flea repellant for other animals such as ferrets, small rodents, and aviary animals, but you should never try to stretch one chemical to work for another type of pet. This product is intended for cats or dogs. Although many customers have successfully used Advecta 2 on their exotic pets, we don’t recommend taking the risk.

Is Advecta 2 dangerous?

If you follow the proper procedures, Advecta 2 is completely harmless. After all, it’s designed to stay on your pet for up to 4 months! No brand would get away with putting dangerous ingredients on animals for extended periods of time. This product is incredibly beneficial for your cat, and it’ll keep itchy fleas away from your house as well. No scratching, missing fur, or random bites will show up once you’ve used it!

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Can you stop using it when the fleas are gone?

There’s a common misconception that once fleas are gone, they’re gone for good. The truth is that you have to continuously treat your furry pets as a preventative measure to ensure their safety and well-being. Flea bites might seem like a harmless itch at the start, but they can lead to serious infections eventually. On-going treatment is always recommended, which is why these 4-month doses are such a great deal for you and your cat!