The 13 Best Dog Bike Trailers


It’s always a great idea to help your dog get a breath of fresh air. Finding the best dog bike trailer helps you proceed with routine exercise while letting you and your pup spend some quality bonding time together. It’s said that nature helps make us all happier, so why not take a stroll with man’s best friend?

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Instead of making you scour the internet to find the best of the best dog bike trailer for your setup, they’re all listed here. There’s something for everyone and every dog as well, so it’s time to start your outdoor adventures together. When you’ve finally found the one that you think works best, drop a comment below and share it!

The Best Dog Bike Trailers Around

Solvit HoundAbout Pet Bicycle Trailer

Solvit HoundAbout Pet Bicycle Trailer

For a ventilated dog cart, check out the Solvit HoundAbout Pet Bicycle Trailer. The simplistic design has vents on the sides and the front to keep air moving through it when you’re riding the bike. Your dog will stay cooled off and enjoy the views just as you do! When it’s raining, the top zips closed to keep your dog dry.

An aluminum frame and waterproof covering are more than enough to provide a strong level of durability. Aluminum is widely known as one of the most durable and lightweight materials around. Your dog will be safe from harm, but you don’t have to feel like you’re lugging around a ton of bricks!

The assembly of this dog cart takes less than a minute, and it collapses down to less than half the size when you need to put it away. It also comes with two 20-inch tires for a smoother ride, which matches the exact height that you need for most regular bicycles. A small pouch on the side provides a convenient storage solution for phones, snacks, and so on.


  • Made with lightweight, durable aluminum framing
  • Uses a waterproof exterior to keep your dog dry
  • Ventilation all over allows air filtration

Schwinn Rascal Pet Trailer

Schwinn Rascal Pet Trailer

The Schwinn Pet Trailer is a much more relaxed dog cart than most others. It works for dogs up to 50 pounds, since the fabric is fairly strong throughout. Ventilation holes are on each of the four sides, as well as the top. While you’re riding the bike pulling your pup, it’ll keep them cooled off with optimal airflow.

The back and top zips closed in case it’s raining, which keeps your dog cool the whole time. For extra cold times of the year, you can zip the back up. Blue and Grey or Orange and Grey are your two color options to choose from. Much like the previous model, this one uses two 20-inch tires for a smooth ride.

Attaching the dog cart to your bike takes seconds. All you have to do is hook it up with a pin that holds it all in place and you’re good to go. The interior leash keeps your dog from running off if you choose to keep it open during the warmer months of the year. Fold the frame up and put it away until you’re ready to use it again!


  • Maximum airflow with ventilation all over
  • Lightweight aluminum and waterproof exterior material
  • A couple different color options to choose from

DoggyRide Mini Dog Bike Trailer

Dog carts for bikes

If you have a smaller dog, whether it’s a tiny breed or a puppy, the DoggyRide Mini Dog Bike Trailer is an excellent choice worth investigating. Choose between Dutch Orange, Red, and Spring Green. With a double-pinned bike attachment to keep it in place, you don’t have to worry about it coming off randomly during the ride.

Since it’s meant for tiny pups, you’ll find the 15” shoulder width space to be more than enough. The overall dimensions are 23 x 15 x 22 inches, which is nice and roomy depending on the size of your dog. Massive vents on the front and sides keep your dogs cooled off, but also seal up to provide additional warmth.

There’s a water bottle pouch to free up some space on your bike, as well as a storage pouch for any extra belongings. Maybe try treats or something of that nature to keep your pup excited for the road ahead. A protective rain screen lets your passenger see out of the cart without letting any rain in.


  • Several color combinations to choose from
  • Perfect size dimensions for smaller breeds
  • Several vents and flaps to keep your dog warm or cold

Aosom Elite Pet Bike Carrier

Aosom Elite

The Aosom Elite Pet Bike Carrier carries some of the highest weight capacity out of the whole list. With a 66-pound limit, most dogs around the world will have no problem comfortably riding in it. It’s a great dog cart to get for a puppy, since you’ll be able to use it for their whole life instead of buying one for each phase.

Five mesh window vents create an incredibly smooth airflow for your dog during the ride. As you accelerate, the wind moves through faster and faster. If you’re worried about your pup getting too cold, close up the rain flaps. There are also two reflective lights on the back on the cart to keep everyone aware of your presence.

The two tires are smooth, making it easier for you to ride around on the sidewalk or streets. While it’s not the best for dirt trails, you’ll find it to be one of the best dog carts for bikes on the market. Like the other carts on the list, this one collapses down small enough to tuck it into the smallest spaces.


  • Incredibly high weight limit for big dogs
  • Ultra-lightweight and easy to collapse
  • Perfect tires for cruising around sidewalks and streets

Sepnine Pet Dog Bike Trailer

Sepnine Pet Dog Bike Trailer

Unlike every other dog cart on the list up to this point, the Sepnine Pet Dog Bike Trailer is a 2-in-1. Upon initial appearance, you might think it’s just any other dog cart. However, a couple of pins later and it turns into a jogger. You don’t have to have a bike to use this one, but you can if you’d like to!

The color variety is probably the largest out of all the other options on the internet. Choose from colors like Red, Blue/Grey, or Orange, amongst several others. Several vents with wind and rain guards protect the outside of the dog cart while also giving your dog a comfortable environment to ride along in.

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There are two high-grip tires, one on either side of the product. On the front is an optional third wheel that works to keep it stable if you choose to use it as a jogger. When you want to switch it back to a cart, pull the pin out and replace it with the bicycle attachment. Put the new pin in place and you’re all set!


  • There are a wide variety of colors to choose from
  • This product can be used either as a dog cart for bikes or a jogger
  • Keep your dog comfortable with the use of multiple vents and rain protectors

Rage Powersports 2-in-1 Pull-Behind Dog Bike Carrier

Rage Powersports 2-in-1 Pull-Behind Dog Bike Carrier

One dog cart that doubles as a trailer is the Rage Powersports 2-in-1 Pull-Behind Dog Bike Carrier. It comes with three wheels; One 12” wheel in the back and two 20” wheels on the front as an optional addition. The hitch works with most bicycles with wheels ranging between 24 and 28 inches.

The overall weight capacity works for dogs up to 130 pounds when used as a trailer. When it’s in the cart form, it allows up to 85 pounds. Combined with the interior dimensions, this makes for a perfect situation for larger dogs. Open up the top, zip up the vent, or cover it all with the anti-rain cover.

A durable aluminum frame supports the entire mechanism, which is an excellent way to keep your pup supported while not adding too much extra weight. Steel frames are always nice to keep your dog safe, but they can really drag you down. Aluminum works wonderfully while only adding a little bit of weight.


  • Massive 80 to 130-pound weight capacity
  • Uses a strong aluminum frame to support you and your dog
  • Several vents to keep your dog relaxed

DoggyRide Novel

Dog carts bikes

The DoggyRide Novel Dog Bike Trailer is kind of a combination of most of the list. It uses aluminum for durability and ease of transportation, big tires for smooth riding, and various other features from other carts to make a perfect product.

Urban Red and Outdoors Green are the two color options, so pick whichever one is your favorite (or your dog’s favorite!). The front headrest keeps your dog comfortable regardless of the terrain, as do the stainless steel rims.

There’s a water bottle pouch to store extra water for you or your dog, as well as a storage pocket. Quick-release wheels let you collapse the cart in seconds. Put them back on whenever you’re ready to hit the road.


  • High durability and smooth riding
  • Two different unique color options
  • Comes with a water bottle pouch and a storage pocket

InStep Tow Behind Bike Trailer

InStep Tow Behind Bike Trailer

The InStep Tow Behind Bike Trailer is easily one of the most convenient options on a number of levels. You and your dog can cruise around the block and have this trailer folded up and stored away in a matter of seconds. The collapses frame breaks down into a small package that lets you put it wherever you want when it’s not in use.

Another reason why this pet bike trailer is such a steal is that it comes with a bug screen and weather-proof layer on the front. We’ve all had a bug or two hit us while riding a bike or jogging through the neighborhood, but that doesn’t mean our pets have to experience the same thing! Keep your dog protected with this great trailer.

If you choose to go with this bike buggy, you’ll be able to select from a handful of colors. These colors include blue, green, light blue, and red. Each color is offset by black and silver throughout the trailer, giving it a stylish appearance that any dog would love to ride along in. Not only that, but the padded but is super comfortable as well!


  • Includes a built-in bug net to keep the critters out
  • Choose from four different color combinations
  • Collapses down for easy storage when you’re done using it

Best Choice Products 2-in-1 Pet Stroller

Best Choice Products 2-in-1 Pet Stroller

You might also enjoy the simplistic approach of the Best Choice Products 2-in-1 Pet Stroller. While it might appear to be like most other bicycle carts on the market, there are quite a few additions that help it propel itself far passed the rest. The orange reflective lights on the wheels is enough for most people who want to stay safe on the road.

Speaking of the wheels, these rubberized tires come with aluminum rims to fully support the weight of your dog without breaking whatsoever. There’s even a cushion that comes for free with your purchase to let you pet relax during the ride, or you could remove it if they’re heating up too much.

To prevent them from feeling uncomfortable, there are four airways to promote optimal ventilation throughout the bike trailer. Close or open them in any way, allowing your dog to feel a nice breeze while relaxing on their new favorite cushion. Up front, you have nothing to worry about thanks to the heavy-duty hitch.


  • Includes an orange flag and reflective lights to make yourself seen
  • Adjust four window screens to help with better airflow
  • Comes with a comfortable cushion for your dog

 The InStep Double-Seated Bike Trailer

The InStep Double-Seated Best Dog Bike Trailer

You might’ve liked the way number 8 sounded, but what if you have a larger breed of dog? Fortunately for you and your pup, the InStep Double-Seated Bike Trailer has more than enough stability to support up to 80 pounds riding in the main cargo area. You can also bring along extra items in the additional pouches.

Just like its predecessor, this version of the InStep dog bike trailer comes in the same four colors (red, blue, light blue, and green). You can collapse it for easy storage and adjust the straps along the sides of the trailer to increase or reduce the interior of the trailer. It even comes with a weather-proof screen that’s optional.

One of the greatest features that makes these some of the best dog bike trailers is that they’re incredibly easy to set up. All of the pieces come included, but all you have to do is attach a small piece onto your bicycle and the trailer itself slides right on and locks into place. The attachment is so tiny that it never gets in your way, even when the trailer is off.


  • Holds up to 80 pounds of maximum weight
  • Includes all of the equipment to set it up in minutes
  • Choose one seat or two seat option

 Aosom Elite Junior

Aosom Elite Junior

If you’re looking for a dog bike trailer that doubles as a pushing stroller, the Aosom Elite Junior Dog Pet Bicycle Trailer is a good bet. You can push it around for some quick exercise or attach it to the back of your bike for longer rides around town. It’s similar to the Aosom Elite other than the fact that it’s about half the size.

For dogs up to 44 pounds, this is one of the best dog bike trailers that money can buy for numerous reasons. You’ll instantly notice the red flag that signals your location to other walkers, cyclists, and cars driving by. It also comes in a variety of bright colors to help you stand out even more.

The steel frame of this bicycle trailer is one of the strongest that you’ll come across. As long as you keep it out of direct rain while it’s being stored, you won’t have to worry about rust and other wear and tear problems. Much like a few of the previous entries on the list, you can also fold it down to a compact size.


  • Comes with two bright colors and an optional flag
  • Works well for small and medium dogs up to 44 pounds
  • You can use it as a bike trailer for dogs or a stroller

 Schwinn Joyrider Double

Schwinn Joyrider Double Bicycle Trailer

Schwinn is back on the list again with another great addition to the best dog bike trailer collection. Their Joyrider Double Bicycle Trailer is perfect for small dogs up to 40 pounds, offering plenty of wiggle room with a little bit more protection and comfort for dogs who tend to be much more skittish.

You can push this around as a stroller, and it even opens and closes like one as well. The front raising door latches near the bottom with a lock to prevent your dog from jumping out in the middle of the ride, but it’s well-ventilated so they don’t feel trapped. Near the handle, you’ll find a few pouches to store water bottles and other small items.

The wheels on this bike wagon are bigger than many of the others on this list, boasting a 20-inch diameter. They’re great for tackling bumpy roads and moving much quicker if you decide to pick up the pace. You’ll also enjoy the fact that they’re reinforced with an aluminum and steel frame for additional support.


  • Locks in the front to prevent your dog from leaping out
  • Doubles as a stroller or a pet bike trailer
  • Includes a mesh cover to keep the bugs out

 Thule Coaster XT Bicycle Trailer

Thule Coaster XT Bicycle Best Dog Bike Trailer

Thule has loads of amazing cycling products, so it’s no surprise to see one of their high-tier bicycle trailers making its way onto the list. The Thule Coaster XT Bicycle Trailer is a heavy-duty beast of a bike wagon that has an adjustable pushing handle if you want to take a walk, as well as an optional third wheel in the front.

It also comes with reflective orange lights on both wheels, allowing you to be seen regardless of the time of day. There are even two clear lights on the front to promote better vision if you choose to ride at night. The two darkened side windows let your dog see out without letting too much light in.

Hooking up the Thule dog bike trailer is rather simple. There’s a small device that’s included with the purchase that’ll hook right up to the rear wheel on your bike. You can leave it there for good, preventing you from having to constantly adjust it. The trailer snaps right onto the wheel in a second, letting you connect it and ride without all the hassle.


  • Designed for harsh riding situations
  • Comes with a third wheel and several reflective lights
  • Includes an adjustable, optional handle bar

How to Choose Your Dog Cart for Your Bike

After checking out all of the best dog carts for bikes on the list, you hopefully have a more narrowed down idea of what’s in store. That being said, you might still have a few unanswered questions about what’ll work for you and your dog. After all, there are dozens of materials, weight capacities, and other parameters to look into. Check out the tips below and make your best decision!

What materials should you look for?

Materials are some of the most important features to look for when you’re buying your dog cart for a bike. Not only do they directly affect how smooth your ride is, but they also impact how comfortable your dog feels. For example, aluminum helps you cruise right along without an issue, while steel can slow you down dramatically. However, steel should be used on the rims to keep them sturdy and in line.

Another huge area that material options play a big role is the windows. You might want to go with or without the additional bug screens depending on the environment you’re in. Some dogs also don’t like to feel trapped or enclosed, so make sure you go for an option without window coverings if yours is similar.

You also might’ve noticed that some of the options listed above have metal rims, while others use composite materials. Truthfully, either is fine. However, some people have preferences due to environmental impact, stability, appearance, and so on. There are also tires sizes, including 16 and 20 inches, to consider.

Other materials to keep an eye out for are the material used to keep the rain out, the vents, whether or not there are zippers, and so on. Whatever you decide to go with, make sure it works for both of you!

Do you want any additions on the dog cart?

There are many additions that could be useful for almost anybody with a dog cart attached to a bike. For instance, some of them come with water bottle holders. If your bike doesn’t come with one already, or if you need extra water for the ride, they’re definitely great additions. On top of that, you should look for a storage pouch. Phones, snacks, treats, and tons of other supplies can be stored in the pouches instead of backpacks.

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Some of the carts on the list come with wind and/or rain flaps to let you use it year round. When it’s sunny outside, simply unzip them or toss them in the back of the cart. Optimal airflow requires that all the vents are open, but it’s all up to you and your dog’s comfort level.

The size of the bike trailer’s tires was briefly mentioned earlier, but they have a fairly big impact on your overall experience. Two options are available on the list you’ve viewed today; 16-inch and 20-inch. The bigger the tire, the easier it is to tackle heavier terrain and move at a much quicker pace. However, smaller tires are easier to move, making them the ideal selection for people who just want to cycle around their neighborhood.

Make sure you choose the right size for your pup…

Don’t get too carried away with any certain model before checking out the dimensions and weight requirements! While many of them allow for 50 or more pounds, others don’t even come close. For extra-large dogs, one of them even has up to 130 pound’s capacity in its trailer area.

On that note, you can also figure out if you want a 2-in-1 one, or simply just a dog cart. Joggers are excellent for people who like to walk and cycle randomly, allowing you to quickly choose between the two. Other 2-in-1’s give you the ability to choose between a dog cart or a dog trailer. The trailers have open tops to keep your pup in full vision with maximum airflow. Just make sure you don’t have a jumper on your hands if you decide to go with the trailer option!

In the end, you should find what suits your and your dog best. After all, this experience is about both of you! Dogs aren’t naturally used to riding in the back of a trailer, so it’s our job to help them get comfortable doing so. If your pup is already accustomed to doing so, then great! Otherwise, read on to the next section for a few bits of advice to make the transition go as smoothly as possible.

Training a Dog to Ride in a Bike Trailer

Dogs are used to always being on the move, but unlike us humans, they like to run or walk everywhere they go. We might be used to driving cars, riding bikes, and taking various other means of transportation, but the process of training your dog to ride in a bike trailer can be a bit rough at the start. Don’t worry though, because everything you need to know to help them along is right here!

The first step is to get them familiarized with the trailer, so they know it’s meant for fun and not as a punishment. Some dogs might feel like they’re in trouble if they have to be stuck in a small space, so try to use treats, toys, and praise to show them that it’s a place for fun and not scolding. As with most activities with dogs, the initial impression could be a make or break scenario for them.

Next, you should make the trailer as comfortable as possible. They might have a favorite pillow, or you might’ve chosen an option that comes with a cushion already. Blankets are also a nice addition, but don’t put too much fluff in there during the warmer seasons. Comfort is fantastic, but dogs can overheat quickly if they have too much coverage. You can also decide if you want to open the wind flaps and let the air breeze right through to cool them off.

In the realm of comfort, you should ensure that they have all the water and snacks that they might need during your trip. A few treats and a water bottle or bowl should do but keep them in a separate storage area to prevent their space from crowding up. Dogs go crazy for adventure, so this experience should definitely be one of the most exciting moments of the day for them!

If you have a dog that’s a little bit more mischievous than others, it might be a good idea to run a few practice sessions to show them that it’s not okay to try to escape during the ride. Small dogs are especially hard to keep track of when the weight difference is so tiny, and you don’t want to have to look back every few seconds make sure they haven’t leapt out yet. You could even push them around as if it were a stroller to give them a feel of what it’ll be like.

All in all, your dog will get the hang of it rather quickly. To you, it’s simply having fun and getting a nice workout with your pup at the same time. In their eyes, they think they’re on a tour of the outside world, filled with endless opportunities and fresh air! If you teach them that it’s a reward and a good time, there’s no doubt you’ll end up having a blast together every time you go out on a bike ride.

The Benefits of Riding with a Dog Bike Wagon

There is a wide array of known and unknown benefits of riding with a bike wagon on the back of your bicycle. It’s one of the best ways for you and your dog to have a bonding experience that gets both of you a good outdoor adventure, but there’s much more to it than just that. For example, it can help your dog handle social situations easier since they’ll be with everyone else who’s outside.

From a physical health perspective, you have a whole bunch of benefits to expect! Cycling by itself has an unmatched combination of cardio exercise, leg muscle development, and fat burning that most other workouts don’t come close to. While it might not feel like too much more on the back, adding an extra 50 to 100 pounds to tow along will make a massive different in your cycling routine.

It’s been said that getting outside in nature can relieve illnesses such as depression and anxiety. It’s also been noted that spending time with a dog elevates happiness. The combination of the two is a surefire way to make yourself feel a whole lot better, both mentally and physically. Plus, who doesn’t want to see their dog jumping with joy when they know it’s time to go for another ride?

Another reason that you’ll benefit from bringing your dog along in your new bike trailer is that it gives you a sense of purpose and commitment. We all know how difficult it can be to find the energy to get up and go exercise, but committing to riding around with your dog gives you another reason. It’s a huge boost of motivation, and it’s never a bad idea to have a friend join you!

One of the lesser known benefits is that it gets your dog outside to relieve the trapped feeling. Dogs can get depressed from staying indoors or remaining in the same place for long periods of time. In the wild, their ancestors roamed vast expanses of land before setting anywhere. That trait is still in them, so being able to move around from place to place with you is a huge spirit lifter for them. For even better results, mix up your route to keep them entertained longer!

Something else that you might not have thought of originally is that it helps your social skills as well. Most of us are confident in day to day living, but everyone can use improvements now and then. Getting out and about will help you in all sorts of ways, so you’re on the right track if you’re searching for these trailers in the first place!

Safety Tips for Cycling with a Trailer in Tow

Safety is never the most exciting topic to talk about when it comes to cycling, but it’s definitely one of the most important. Not only do you want to prevent harm to yourself, but you’re in charge of a second life with your dog in the trailer. It’s also great to have peace of mind, as many say that it’s priceless in the long run. Taking the necessary precautions will save you from stress and other problems in the future.

The first safety tip that you should consider right off the bat is double checking the bicycle attachment that you’ll be hooking your trailer up to. You should look and make sure it’s tightly placed and free of rust before every ride. It only takes a few seconds, but it’s much better than having the trailer drop off while you’re riding at 20 miles per hour down the road. Also, make sure you follow the proper procedures and instructions when attaching it in the first place.

Secondly, you need to make sure that your dog fits within the weight requirements of the bike trailer you purchase. This one might seem obvious, but many pet owners make the purchase when their dog is a puppy, small and barely any weight at all. As they grow up, the trailer might not meet the demands and it could break over time. It can happen all at once or gradually over several rides, but either way you don’t want it to happen!

Security can be a problem, but only if your dog is a little bit more curious and energetic than usual. They might try to run away or investigate something, especially if they like people, dogs, or chasing cats. Fortunately for you and your dog, almost every single one of the bicycle trailers on the list have some sort of locking or zipping mechanism that prevents this from happening. If you want an added layer of security, put a mini pad lock on the zippers to keep them shut.

If you haven’t rode on a bike that has anything towing behind it, there are several changes you’ll have to make in your cycling style. None of them will mess up your routine, but it’s important to take note. It’s very similar to driving a car with and without a camper trailer on the back in the sense that you now have to take wider turns and accelerate a little bit slower. Overall, you’ll get used to the setup and be off to the races in no time!

The final advice to give about these trailers is really a matter of opinion. Many of the best dog bike trailers on the market are also child strollers and bike attachments, meaning they come with built-in seat belts. If you’re worried about these straps from tangling up with your dog’s paw or poking up against them, you can always cut them out of the equation completely. Keep in mind that there’s no going back once they’re out though.

Misc. FAQ’s About Dog Bicycle Trailers

Can big dogs ride in bike trailers?

Absolutely! This list covers a wide variety of bike wagons with an equally wide range of weight capacities. Some are wider, some are taller, and so on. The only real issue with towing a trailer with a big dog is the added weight. It’s honestly not as difficult as you might think, but we’ll get into that in a little bit. As long as your dog has enough room to move around without constantly bumping against the walls of the interior, they’ll be fine. You should also make sure that the weight of your dog and the trailer doesn’t pull down or flatten your bike tire, as some bicycles aren’t designed to tow anything at all. That being said, almost any bike make within the last couple decades shouldn’t have a problem carrying a weighted trailer or stroller.

Does towing a bike trailer slow you down?

While towing a bike trailer doesn’t necessarily slow you down, it certainly reduces your acceleration a little bit. If you’re not completely adapted to riding a bike, it might slow you down at the start as you get used to towing. The only long term issue is that it can be challenging to go 20 to 25 miles per hour with a big dog in the back as you might’ve previously been able to do without anything being towed at all. You can expect to ride upwards of 10 to 15 miles per hour rather easily as you keep revisiting the activity.

Can you ride with a trailer hitched to your bike on a dirt trail?

This is definitely one of the most common questions that people have when they’re considering buying a trailer for their bike. Many of us only ride on trails, making it very important that these wagons work in various terrains. While not all of them are meant for dirt trails, the good news is that quite a few are perfect for them! There are a couple on the list above that have off-road capabilities, namely the ones with steel rims and 20-inch rims. Wider tread helps you roll over pebbles, roots, and other debris that clogs up dirt paths as well.

Is it harder to ride with a bike trailer?

There are quite a few people who refuse to get bike trailers simply out of the concern that it might make cycling more challenging. The truth is that once you’ve hit your desired speed, it doesn’t feel too different than riding without a trailer being towed. As stated earlier in the FAQ section, the only difficult part is getting up to speed. Some people find it easier than others, and of course the weight of your dog matters more than anything. The trailers themselves are generally lightweight, and the tires do a wonderful job at making it feel like you’re riding on a cloud!

How do you keep your dog cooled off while they’re riding in the trailer?

To keep your dog from overheating, many of the bike wagons on the list come with multiple screens for ventilation purposes. If you open them all up, proper airflow will let them feel the breeze created by moving quickly on the bike. However, it’s not a bad idea to run a small battery-powered fan in the back with them if there aren’t any windows that you can open. Above all else, nothing beats the classic bowl of water for drinking. Since dogs can’t sweat, they can overheat quickly. The first priority needs to be keeping them hydrated!

How do you keep your dog warmed up if it’s cold outside?

On the other hand, you might be riding with your pup in the trailer when it’s colder in the fall or winter. To keep them from freezing, put extra blankets and pillows in there with them. Some people even prefer to block the windows off with cheap reflective material that insulates the trailer from top to bottom. You might even want to consider putting pet clothes on your dog like a scarf or mittens if they’ll leave them on. Whatever you do, don’t overcrowd the small space that they’re in.

Final Thoughts

The positive experience of bringing your dog along for the ride in a pet trailer far outweighs and concerns or downsides. Whether you’re looking for motivation to get back on the trail, a companion to join you in your adventures, or a new method of helping your dog get used to social situations, this might be the best way around. The worst possible outcome is that you have to train them a little bit longer, but the aforementioned steps will help you along in the process without a problem.

There are dozens of options on the market, but when it comes to the best dog bike trailers that money can buy, you found them here first! Big or small, narrow or wide, massive wheels for the trail or compact wheels for city streets, there are choices for each and every cyclist. Pick out whichever one most suits your needs and your dog’s need and you two will be one step closer to sharing an unforgettable series of adventures whenever you want to! The best part is that hooking one of these trailers up takes only a few seconds, while the memories last a lifetime.

Good luck and have fun out there!