The 7 Best Dog Nail Grinders


Are you trying to find the best dog nail grinder, but it seems like there are way too many options? After all, there can’t be much of a difference between them all, right? Truth be told, there are a handful of variations that can completely alter the way you and your dog deal with the nail cutting process.

In fact, the wrong kind of nail cutters, whether do to their cheap construction or incorrect size, can actually end up hurting your dog. Don’t worry though, all the research on your part is done below!

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Finding the Best Nail Grinders for Your Dog

1. Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Pet Nail Grooming Tool

Best dog nail grinder

Clipping your dog’s nails can be a bit of a frustrating and nerve-wracking process for both you and your dog. After all, how would you feel if someone started trimming your nails without being able to explain why they were doing it? However, many owners find that using a grinder takes away the stress for both parties.

The Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Pet Nail Grooming Tool is a spiraling, sandpaper-like nail grinder that slowly trims down your dog’s nails effectively. Think of it as sanding down a wooden bored rather than using a hacksaw on it. It’s much more efficient, and it doesn’t have much room for error.

The overall control you have with this tool keeps all of the cutting and grinding in your hands. Once you clip with clippers, the nail is gone and you can’t go back. It’s a swift motion, unlike the slow, meticulous, planned out efforts of grinding away with the Dremel tool.

Key Features

  • Uses a sandpaper style ‘skin’ to slowly grind down
  • You have 100% control over the process
  • Quiet, and it won’t disturb your dog

2. INVENHO Pet Nail Grinder Electric Paw Trimmer

INVENHO Electric Paw Trimmer

Next on the list is the INVENHO Pet Nail Grinder Electric Paw Trimmer. This grinder does a great job at doing all the hard work for you, leaving you with nothing but a quick, controlled process. The diamond bit grinds down the nail effectively, without hitting their inner nail bed.

It’s not very common knowledge that typical clippers are meant to cut a dog’s nail at a specific angle. This not only prevents you from cutting it too short and making them bleed, but it also still allows them to use their claws efficiently.

The 6-hour charge time on this electric paw trimmer is more than enough for several sessions. Given that it only around five to ten minutes to clip their nails, you’ll have quite a few rounds before you have to hook it up and charge it again.

Key Features

  • Uses a diamond bit to grind down effectively
  • Six hours of battery life per charge
  • Cuts their nail at the perfect angle

3. 2 Speed Pet Nail Grinder by ENJOY PET

2 Speed Pet Nail Grinder by ENJOY PET

Given the name, you can probably already guess that the 2 Speed Pet Nail Grinder by ENJOY PET has a couple of different speeds. Why? Because smaller dogs are more sensitive, and their tiny nails have a tendency to crack under too much pressure. Choosing between high and low customizes it for your dog.

This little kit comes with a couple other essentials to help you groom your pup as easily as possible. A set of nail clippers and a small manual nail filer accompany the grinder, giving you the ability to lengthen the time in between sessions.

Another unique feature about this dog nail grinder that makes it one of the best is that it’s charged via a USB cable. Instead of taking up another plug socket, just charge it up on your PC, gaming console, or with your phone charger cable. A 3-hour charge time results in 2.5 hours of usage.

Key Features

  • Comes with a couple different speed settings
  • Kit includes a grinder, nail filer, and nail clippers
  • Charges via a USB cable for convenience purposes

4. Dog Nail Grinder by Wangou

Dog Nail Grinder by Wangou

Another fantastic USB-charged one that you might want to check out is the Dog Nail Grinder by Wangou. This nifty little tool uses a diamond grinder to give you ultimate accuracy over the whole grinding process. Don’t worry about cutting too far, because you’ll be ahead of the game with this one.

Not all dogs are the same size, which means their nails aren’t either. Three different nail grinder sizes are shipped with this dog product, so you can fit it perfectly to your pup’s claws before sanding them down.

It’s no secret that a lot of dogs can be scared by small noises. Even the biggest of pooches can be frightened by the likes of a vacuum cleaner! Luckily for you (and your dog), this nail grinder uses an incredibly quiet motor, so you don’t have to worry about scaring them away.

Key Features

  • Use a USB cable to charge this nail grinder
  • Three different size options
  • Quiet, efficient motor to prevent them from running

5. Furminator Nail Grinder

Furminator Nail Grinder

If you’re looking for a quick and efficient dog nail grinder that gets the job done with all the right tools, the Furminator Nail Grinder just might be your perfect pick. This tool is loaded with all sorts of additions that you usually have to buy separately, like an LED light for trimming and an anti-bacterial layer on the plastic itself.

It also has a side grip to allow for easy handling. You don’t want to slip while cutting their nails, because we all know how painful it can be too cut our own nails too short! Much like some of the other nail grinders on the list, this one features two size ports.

You might not like the idea of having to charge up the nail grinder every time your dog needs a trim. The good news is that this one uses AA batteries, which means you don’t ever have to use a cord at all! It’s easily one of most portable dog nail trimmers on the market.

Key Features

  • Features an LED light for guidance
  • Two size ports and an easy grip on the side
  • Uses AA batteries instead of a charging cable

6. Pet Republique Professional Dog Nail Clippers and Dog Nail Grinder Series

Pet Republique Professional

If you like the thought of buying a full-on nail grooming kit for your dog, this is the upgraded heavy-duty version! The Pet Republique Professional Dog Nail Clippers Series kit includes a dog nail grinder, industrial style nail clippers, and a USB charging cable.

You’ll also be able to choose between three different size ports and two speeds to fully accommodate to your dog’s needs. No more settling for whatever’s available, this is the best of the best for many pet owners.

The powerful motor that accompanies the dog nail grinder is not only quiet and highly efficient, but it’s also quick to charge. Plug it into a USB socket and you’ll be trimming in no time! The quick speed of the diamond bit cuts right through their nails without moving too fast or too slow.

Key Features

  • Comes with a kit that includes several beneficial tools
  • Multiple speeds and nail size ports
  • Quiet, fast-charging motor

7. Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder

Hertzko Electric

The Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder might seem simple in appearance, but this gadget has all kinds of convenient adjustments to work for your every need. The bright color and quiet motor make it almost inviting to your dog, instead of those other bulky, noisy grinders that do nothing but scare them away.

When you’re charging this nail grinder with the provided USB cable, it’ll actually tell you that it’s finished and ready to use by lighting up the LED indicator on the front side of the tool. All you have to do now is flick up the power button, and you’re ready to start trimming those nails!

There’s also a double port for nail sizes, meaning you can trim small and medium sized dog nails rather efficiently. Place their nail inside of the port and press the power button and it’ll slowly start narrowing down. The depth of the port doesn’t go too far though, which allows you to avoid hitting the quick. If you don’t want to use ports at all, the grinder head cap is removable. This allows you to use the full grinder, regardless of your dog’s nail size.

Key Features

  • Uses a USB cable to charge with an LED indicator
  • Three different sizes, two with the cap and one without
  • Quiet motor with a brightly-colored plastic shell

How to Choose the Best Dog Nail Grinder

Now that you know about the seven best dog nail grinders out there, you’re one big step closer to choosing the right one for you and your dog. That being said, having a few more questions doesn’t make you picky, it makes you a great pet owner! For those of you who need more guidance and extra tips or suggestions, read on.

Consider sizes and speeds…

Everything about the way you treat a Chihuahua is different than the way you treat a Doberman. Whether it’s their diet, exercise, chew toys, and so on, you simply can’t interact with the two breeds the same way. Why on Earth would you use the same size nail clippers? A Doberman’s paw is about three or four Chihuahua paws! If you really want to get down to it and be as safe and efficient as possible, always select a nail grinder that fits your dog’s claws. If you aren’t sure, pick one that comes with multiple size ports and speeds. Higher speeds cut quicker, but they can break a small dog’s claws. On the contrary, higher speeds are great for large dogs.

Do you want a dog nail grooming kit?

Kits are always nice if you find that your dog’s nails grow exceptionally fast. Having a spare set of clippers or a manual filer lets you stay on top of things before they get out of hand and your dog starts clawing up the carpet again! However, not all dogs have that issue. Some of them don’t need a trim more than once every three or four weeks. If your dog is similar to that frequency, you don’t really need a kit. That being said, it’s all up to you! Having a filer around might make it easier for cleaning them clean on short vacations, road trips, and family visits without starting up a motor.

Charging vs battery-operated pet nail grinders…

Another thing to consider is how you want to power up the nail grinder. While most of them use a USB charging cable or an outlet plug, you also have the option of purchasing an AA battery tool. Neither of them really has a competitive edge over the other, aside from the fact that one can be more convenient than its opposite for certain people depending on the situation. If you’re a traveler, or you aren’t at home as much, you might find the battery-operated nail grinders to be much more useful for you and your dog. However, the USB tools are very efficient and quick-charging, making them another alternative worth looking into.

Don’t get a noisy motor!

Whatever you end up doing, don’t choose a nail grinder that has a noisy motor! You don’t want to ruin the first nail trimming experience for your dog, since it can ruin it for them forever. Even if you buy another one, they might associate the appearance with the sound and run for the hills. Every single one of the dog nail grinders on this list have quiet motors, which is just one of the many reasons that they’re considered the best of the best! Oh, and a louder motor doesn’t mean it’s more powerful. In fact, quieter motors are now more widely used due to the fact that they tend to have less problems, and they’re quicker overall.