Best Double Layer Cat Litter Mat


Finding the best double layer cat litter mat can be troubling at times, especially since it seems like there’s an abundance of competition. How should we know which one is truly the greatest choice for our cat’s and the home we live in? What if they end up breaking down too quickly, or they don’t contain the mess as they should? Fortunately, the list you see here today is going to take away those worries and direct you towards the top options available.

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If you’re on the hunt for a massive stress relief to fix your cat’s litter problems, look no further. This selection contains the top-notch litter mats that you could possibly need!

Choosing the Best Double Layer Cat Litter Mat

1. Pieviev Cat Litter Mat

Pieviev Double Layer Cat Litter Mat

Big litter boxes can be a serious annoyance if they spill everywhere. On the other hand, some cats don’t fare well with cat bathroom disposable mats, so why not choose a combination of both that’ll catch the litter when it falls out of the box? The Pieviev Cat Litter Mat is a long-lasting, ultra-lightweight design that does half the job for you.

The top layer of this genius litter mat is extremely porous, allowing litter and liquids to fall through it. You can scoop the top layer easily, while the bottom layer holds their urine with a waterproof seal. That’s right, no more cleaning off the floor due to an overloaded plastic pad that ruins the night!

Cleaning these cat mats is rather simple, and it’ll take you a few minutes at most. Start by spraying it off with a hose in the backyard or in the sink. Next, scrub it down with soap, followed by another rinse. That’s it! You’re all ready to set it back down on the ground in their familiar bathroom location.


  • Super lightweight and it doesn’t take up much space
  • Comes with a waterproof bottom layer to prevent leaks
  • Easy to wash in a matter of minutes

2. Highland Farms Select Double Layer Cat Litter Mat

Highland Farms Select

Cat litter boxes definitely have their advantages, but you don’t have to suffer with the space-consuming bulk if you don’t want to. The Highland Farms Select Cat Litter Mat combined the benefits of a litter box with the conveniences of a small mat. This double layered system is unlike anything you’ve used before.

The semi-porous top layer of this mat is gripped to prevent your cat from slipping around or accidentally flicking litter all over the place. Much like the previous entry, you can scoop their leavings right off the top instantly. The mat can be sprayed, soaped, and scrubbed in seconds to replace back where it belongs.

With a hard shell on the bottom layer, you’ll get the same level of durability that you would expect from a traditional litter box. It won’t slide around, but you also don’t have to worry about seams ripping or tearing. It’s virtually leakproof, which saves you time and energy from cleaning up the mess.


  • Comes with a porous top layer to hold urine and litter below
  • Gripped to prevent slipping and spills
  • Massive 31” x 24” size for larger cats

3. WePet Cat Litter Mat

WePet Litter Mat

The WePet Cat Litter Mat is perfect for a wide variety of uses. One of the main features that makes it ranked among the best double layer cat litter mats is that you can use it inside and outside. Cats often love to spend time with the family, so it’s great if they have a place to go to the bathroom when everyone’s outside.

The non-slip bottom grip helps it stay in place, especially when they’re running fast through the house from a crazy day of playing. Their claws won’t get caught on the 3D leather bumps that help elevate them off of the bottom layer, which keeps them completely clean after using the system. Nobody wants to clean up tracks, and this product prevents that in the first place.

It seems like plenty of the other cat litter mats on the market only have a single color to choose from. If you’re someone who enjoys matching everything to their house’s interior design, then you’ll love the multiple color choices available. These colors include Beige, Black, Brown, Grey, and Light Blue.


  • Works well indoors and outdoors
  • Uses a non-slip grip to prevent accidents
  • Comes in a wide array of colors to select

4. Pet Champion 2-Layer Litter Mat

Pet Champion 2-Layer Litter Mat

It’s no secret that cats can be a little bit messy when they’re using the litter box. Getting the right kind of litter mat can keep your floors clean from all the debris, which is where the Pet Champion 2-Layer Litter Mat comes in. It sits right in front of the litter box with a strong grip that keeps it in place as long as you need it to.

This envelope system is perfect for catching any excess litter that you cat tracks out, and you can pour it right back into the box if nothing extra is trapped on or in it. Worst case scenario, it cleans off very quickly with a broom, vacuum, or a hose and water. The durable materials used throughout it stretch its longevity for many years to come.

Another great feature is that it uses a foam material to let your cat feel comfortable walking in and out of their litter box. Most litter mats like this one aren’t designed to be a full-time litter box, but they work well in a pinch and clean up nicely. You might also consider using it on road trips, relative’s houses, or in a hotel room.


  • Ultra-comfortable foam padding
  • Cleans up very quickly in several ways
  • Works well to collect dust and litter debris in front of the box

5. iPrimio Cat Litter Trapper

iPrimio Litter Trapper

The iPrimio Cat Litter Trapper Litter Mat works in many ways that you can choose from to accommodate for your situation. It has a designated slot for traditional disposable litter mats if you prefer those, while they’re not entirely necessary. These mats might normally leak, but the waterproof shell underneath will prevent this from happening.

With a porous top layer, you’ll be able to pick up the litter and dust without ever layer a hand directly on it. It’s soft and cushioned, but your cat won’t get any of the litter onto their paws and those hard to reach nail beds. The bottom layer acts as a non-slip stationary mat that’s lined with tear-proof stitching.

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At 21” by 23” long, it fits most standard litter boxes rather well. Lay it out front of the box or wherever your cat usually steps out for best results. Two colors, black and brown, are available for choosing depending on your preference.


  • Perfect for catching and holding excess litter debris
  • Comes in two colors, brown and black
  • Non-slip, leakproof underside

Cat Litter Mat FAQ’s

Now that you’ve seen the best double layer cat litter mats that money can buy, you’re one step closer to preventing and cleaning messes in a much more convenient manner. However, some questions might’ve gone unanswered, which is why you can consult this section to find anything you could be searching for. Enjoy!

Do you need a litter box?

While you can use a litter mat without a litter box, it won’t be as effective alone. In certain situations, though, you’ll find it more than useful. It’s not always practical to lug around a litter box, so these double layered mats can make a bad situation perfect in a pinch. Many of them absorb spills, hold waste, and maintain litter without an issue.

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How do you clean a double layer cat litter mat?

You might be worry that these double layer mats will be an extra item to clean up. The truth is that they clean up in less than a minute, possibly three minutes at the most. If you’re only dealing with litter and dust on the top layer, simply vacuuming it regularly will clean everything up. On the other hand, liquids and other messes left behind by your cat can be sprayed off and washed with soap and water. Dry it off with a towel before putting it back to prevent bacteria and mold growth.

Double Layer cat litter mat with litter box

What is the purpose?

Double layer cat mats are the best possible method of preventing unwanted cleanup sessions throughout the day. Cats are unintentionally messy at times, leaving behind litter dust that gets stuck in their paws after going to the bathroom. Since nobody wants that excess ‘dust’ tracked around their home, these double layer mats catch all of it in a small, easy to clean system. Leave it there during the day and clean it up at night. No more stressful litter messes thanks to a budget-friendly product!