Best Boots for Cats


There are all sorts of reasons that you should consider getting boots for cats. These boots help your cat stay warm, they can help with anxiety, and they’ll stop your cat from scratching up the furniture. However, not all cats feel comfortable wearing footwear, but there’s always a solution for this common issue. There are quite a few different types of cat boots on this list, so you’ll definitely find the perfect match for your unique little friend!

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You might prefer to call them cat boots, cat socks, or even cat booties, but they all serve the same purpose: To keep your cat comfortable, cozy, and free from harm. If you’re ready to get the right pair for your pet, check out the list below!

The Best Booties for Cats on the Market:

1. Ifanr Anti-Scratch Cat Shoes

Ifanr Anti-Scratch Cat Shoes

We’ve all had to deal with unwanted scratching from our cats when it’s bath time, nap time in their crate, and so on. Cats use their claws as a mechanism for climbing to escape, and in rare cases, defense. The Ifanr Anti-Scratch Cat Shoes are designed to prevent them from clawing into your arms or their surroundings when they’re unhappy.

They come in a 4-pack, which is all you’ll need to stay prepared for the worst. These cat booties slide right on with ease, and you can have them all on in seconds. The thin straps on the outside of each shoe let you loosen or tighten them, fitting to each and every cat who needs to wear them. They’re ultra-soft, so don’t worry about causing your cat discomfort.

It might not be the most directly beneficial feature, but the silica gel used in these boots is 100% eco-friendly. After years of use, you can toss them without harming your local environment a bit. The flattened bottoms of these boots will let your cat stand easily as well, which is a typical issue in competing brands and products.


  • Fit well with cats and kittens of any size
  • Eco-friendly materials used throughout the boots
  • Includes boots for all four feet

2. Posch Anti-Slip Knit Socks

Posch Anti-Slip Knit Socks

While the first pair of boots for cats on this list was for specific situations, the Posch Anti-Slip Knit Socks are designed for everyday wearing. Certain surfaces like hardwood or tile can wear down their claws, so these socks are a perfect alternative. Choose from Extra-Small, Small, Medium, and more sizes all the way up to XX-Large.

We all know how adorable it is when our cats wear socks or boots, which is why being able to view a selection of colors is so beneficial. Try out Black, Brown, Pink, Blue & Pink Stripes, Grey & Black Polka Dot, or Black & Tan. Each of the design options come with unique patterns, so go through the options and choose which one will look the best on your cat.

The colors aren’t the only special feature of these cat socks, though. You’ll also enjoy the silicone gel prints on the bottom that add an additional layer of grip to keep your pet from slipping all over the place. They’re super warm thanks to the densely-woven fabric throughout the socks. Follow their instructional guide to match up sizes quickly.


  • Comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes
  • Includes anti-slip grip silicone gel on the bottom
  • Warm and cozy materials

3. Pet Heroic Anti-Slip Knit Cat Socks

Pet Heroic Anti-Slip Knit Cat Socks

Very similar to the previous pair, the Pet Heroic Anti-Slip Knit Cat Socks are incredibly soft to the touch and long-lasting for years to come. Your cat will stay comfortable while wearing them, as these socks don’t cause itchiness or irritation as other cheap pairs tend to. They’re also very budget-friendly, which is always a nice addition.

With a snug cuff around the top of these cat socks, they’ll be able to keep your kitten warm any time they’re on. There are plenty of sizes to choose from, ranging between Small all the way to 3X-Large. Check out their sizing chart to figure out exactly which one is right for your cat, as they’re very close in overall dimensions.

These booties for cats also come in six different colors: Dot Black, Dot Pink, Orange Stripe, Pink Stripe-S, Pink Stripe, and Brown. Each choice comes with an adorable paw print logo on the bottom to match that of your cat’s. The unique weaving pattern helps these socks last through several washes without breaking down a bit.


  • Easy to use sizing chart to fit all cats
  • Includes six colors with a paw print design
  • Snug cotton cuffs for long-lasting results

4. BIBSS Winter Warm Cat Boots

BIBSS Winter Warm Cat Boots

Last but certainly not least are the BIBSS Winter Warm Cat Boots. Crafted with nylon, your cat will immediately notice the comfortable warming properties of the material. Nylon is well-known for its water-resistance that helps your pet’s stay dry during rainy, wet seasons. It’s also a fantastic insulator.

If you like finding adorable options for your cat, then this pair of boots is your best bet. You can choose from Blue, Red, Black, Rose, and a plethora of other patterns and designs. They’re available in Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Large, so keep an eye on their sizing chart to match up the perfect pair for your cat.

One of the top features for these boots for cats is that they come with a string around the cuff to strap them on for a snug fit. You can adjust the string dramatically, giving you a wide range to prevent them from falling off all the time. It also has an elastic band to double up on the same task, which is a nice added touch.


  • Comes in a wide variety of stylish colors with plenty of sizes to choose from
  • Uses nylon as its main material to wick away moisture and promote warmth
  • Includes a drawstring and an elastic band to tighten around the wrists for a snug fit

Choosing New Boots for Your Cat

It can be challenging to find the right boots for your cat, especially since most of the options on the market are designed only for dogs. However, now that you’ve seen the great selection above, you’re one step closer to suiting your cat up nice and comfortably! If you’re confused about which one is right for your pet, or you simply want a little bit more knowledge on the subject before making the purchase, check out the FAQ’s and tips below.

Benefits of cat boots

What’s better: Cat boots or cat socks?

In truth, both of them serve a great purpose. For many cats, boots and socks are interchangeable. However, there are a few differences between the two, like the obvious fact that socks are much softer and generally weigh a bit less than boots. In addition to that, cat socks are much more breathable for the warmer seasons.

On the other hand, boots for cats are very durable and they tend to last through more wear and tear. You’ll also notice that they fare better against rough surfaces like rocks and dirt with natural debris. Choosing between the two is really a matter of personal preferences, as you’re the only one who knows exactly what the surrounding environment in your area looks and feels like.

cat with socks

Do the materials of your cat’s boots matter?

Absolutely! First and foremost, you should find out if your cat has any allergies. Much like us humans, cats can have rubber or plastic allergies that can cause swelling, itchiness, and pain if they’re not taken care of. However, most cats are well-off and free of these problems. Rubber is generally a great material for the bottom of your cat’s boots or socks, as it grips most surfaces very well.

Another material that you might want to look out for is cotton. Cotton is very warm, and it works wonders in the colder months when your cat’s toes can get very frigid. It can also be a bit too warm for the summer as well. Loosely-knit cotton is a nice choice if you have the option, as it keeps them warm, but it’s breathable at the same time. Again, the choice is up to you and your cat when it comes down to it!

Why won’t my cat keep his or her boots on?

It’s a very common problem that cats tend to have when they first get introduced to wearing boots or socks. They’re not used to this new, strange material, so they get a bit timid. However, the best way to train your cat to leave their boots on is to put them on when your cat is sleeping or tired. They won’t be so aware of the change, and when they wake up, they’re naturally going to test out walking in them for a few minutes. After several of these ‘training’ sessions, your cat will absolutely love their new boots!