The Best Fake Fish Tank for Cats


If your cat loves to sit and watch small creatures for hours, as many cats do, then a fake fish tank for cats may be a great investment for your furry pal. With an artificial fish tank, there is very little upkeep, and the fake fish mean you don’t have to worry about feeding or keeping pH levels balanced in the tank.

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Many artificial fish tanks come with glowing background lighting and fish that catch the coloring of the lights, making the tank an excellent night light or nighttime decoration for your office, bedroom, or kids’ rooms. A fake fish tank for cats is a humane way to provide entertainment and wonder for your cat, while also investing in a neat decoration for your home.

1.) Lightahead Artificial Tropical Fish Aquarium

Lightahead Artificial Tropical Fish Aquarium

This artificial aquarium uses a moving picture to create a magical swimming world of fish and water. The gentle glow of the backlighting is soothing to watch, and fascinating for any cat. It’s very low-maintenance with little set-up required. Just plug it in, flip the switch, and watch your cat be mesmerized as the fish “float” by. As a bonus, this little aquarium doubles as a night light, and would look great in a child’s room. Your son or daughter can also watch the magical world of the fish floating by, which can be relaxing and help them get to sleep much faster. One of the better features of this particular tank is that the fish can be viewed from both sides of the aquarium, which may be more intriguing to your cat.

2.) Domargon Animated Pet Fish

Domargon Animated Pet Fish

If you’re looking for a more “traditional” fish bowl, these animated, battery-operated fish are a great way to keep your cat fascinated for hours. The small plastic bowl sits atop a decoration rock, and the two fish swim around the bowl like real fish for hours. Your cat will not only enjoy watching the fish, but can reach his paw in to touch them without hurting a real, live fish. The bowl and rock both have magnets to keep the bowl securely on top of the rock. This small fish bowl is very tiny, so it’s perfect if you don’t have a lot of space for decorations for your cat.

3.) Playlearn Artificial Mini Aquarium Fish Tank

fake fish tank for cats

This LED-lighted fish tank is mesmerizing and fun for any cat to watch. The coral reef background looks 3-D, while the 3 fake fish spend time swimming around in front of it. This tank is convenient because it can run anywhere: it comes with an A/C power cord, or it can run on AA batteries. It doubles as a night light for any room, and the fish will swim around for hours. The fish also move around quickly which adds fun and intrigue for your cat. This tank only needs to be cleaned about once a month, so the maintenance is very low and convenient for you.

4.) Playlearn Moving Jellyfish Tank

Playlearn Moving Jellyfish Tank

If your cat loves artificial fish tanks, then he will be equally fascinated by this moving jellyfish tank. With LED-lighting, the jellyfish move around in an almost otherworldly way which is fascinating for both people and cats alike. It will work great as a night light in a kid’s room, or as a classy decoration in any office. Like other Playlearn artificial tanks, a few drops of dish liquid keeps this tank very low-maintenance. Expect to only need to clean it about once a month. You and your cat will love this artificial fish tank experience.

5.) Playlearn Sensory LED Bubble Tube

Playlearn Sensory LED Bubble Tube

This bubble tube is an interesting take on a traditional artificial fish tank. It stands at a little over 3 feet tall, and the bubbles rise upwards, causing the fish inside to swim up and down throughout the tube. The LED lights add to the experience, and kids and cats will enjoy watching this tank for hours on end. The base is a little on the narrow side, so if your cat enjoys jumping, it would be a good idea to put this in a corner of the room, or affix it to a wider base. If you’re looking for a night light in the kid’s room or office, this bubble light will work for both, and it will keep humans and cats entertained.

6.) ArtCreativity Fish Tank Night Lamp

ArtCreativity Fish Tank Night Lamp

This light-up LED fish tank stands at 9″ tall and features 3 large fish which bob up and down with the bubbling water. It’s battery-powered so it can be placed anywhere, and doubles well as a night light for any room. Your cat will be fascinated by the weaving movements of the fish and the upward flow of the bubbles. The fish tank water only needs to be changed about once a month, so the maintenance is very low. Prepare to be amazed for hours as you and your cat enjoy this night lamp.

7.) LED Jellyfish Lava Lamp

fake fish tanks for cats

Another interesting take on a fake fish tank for cats is this LED jellyfish tank. This color-changing tank comes with batteries or a USB adapter cord for plenty of versatility no matter where you decide to set it up. Just fill it up with water and turn it on for your cat to sit and watch for hours. The background coral adds extra ambiance to the experience, and this tank doubles well as a night light in any room. Whereas some artificial fish tanks can look too cartoon-like for an office setting, jellyfish lamps are actually quite classy and have a modern look to them. You and your cat will thoroughly enjoy your experience watching the jellyfish moving around in this tank.

8.) Lightahead Illuminated Artificial Aquarium Mood Lamp

Lightahead Illuminated Artificial Aquarium Mood Lamp

This tank has a very modern feel, with two artificial lionfish which reflect and glow in the LED lights. This tank doesn’t have an artificial background picture, so the entire experience for your cat will be focused on the movements of these beautiful fish. Your cat will also be able to watch the fish from either side of the tank, which will be sure to entertain him for hours. This lamp also features an auto-off function after 4 hours, so you can your cat can fall asleep to the mesmerizing colors and movements of the fish. This tank is sure to be a hit in your home for both decorations and your cat’s viewing entertainment.

9.) Multi-Color Electric LED Lava Night Lamp

Multi-Color Electric LED Fake Fish Tank

This lava night lamp can be purchased in either fish or jellyfish. The tank stands at 1-foot high, and it cycles through several LED-colors. The fish version features 2 fish, a turtle, and a sea anemone, putting an interesting spin on a typical fake fish tank. Your cat will enjoy sitting and watching the pieces float up and down from all angles, and the colors will be sure to capture his imagination. This tank also comes with a 1-year warranty, which many other artificial fish tanks do not offer. Maintenance is very low on this tank, with the water only needing to be changed once a month. This tank does take a bit of extra work to set up and get it running, but once it’s going, you won’t need to worry about set-up again, even after cleaning.

10.) Playlearn Jellyfish Aquarium Mood Lamp

Playlearn Jellyfish Aquarium

This artificial jellyfish aquarium is much longer than some other tanks, which may make a better fit for the room you are planning to decorate. It features a coral reef background and LED mood lights which cycle through different colors to create a hypnotic floating effect for your jellyfish. The tank also features a “safe mode”, or auto-off mode after 4 hours of continuous use, so it works great as a night light to fall asleep with. Your cat will especially appreciate the life-like currents that move through the tank, giving the jellyfish a more realistic appearance than other tanks on the market. You can also purchase artificial fish to use with this tank instead, or to switch with the jellyfish to keep your cat guessing what will be in the tank next.

11.) Aquaficial Jellyfish Tank

This tank comes in two sizes: small and large. You can see through to the back of the tank without the background picture, or you can pop the background picture in to create a sea floor wonderworld. The tank features a 4-hour auto-off feature and LED lights which can change or cycle through 5 different colors. The tank is equally as interesting-looking even without the lights on. Your cat will enjoy sitting and watching the life-like jellyfish bouncing around in the tank. Many customers report that this tank has a very long life, with one user boasting that hers has lasted up to 3 years with very little maintenance. If you add in some glowing decorations, you will add to the ambiance of the tank and boost the viewing experience for your cat.

12.) Playlearn Round Jellyfish Mood Lamp

Fake Jellyfish Tank for cats

If you want your cat to have an uninterrupted view of the artificial jellyfish in his fake fish tank, a round mood lamp may be the best option. This lamp is a little over 17″ tall, and features 2 bouncing jellyfish which capture the colors of the LED lights as they move. In the dark, this lamp makes for a hypnotizing experience, and it goes well as a night light in any room. It’s very modern and sleek-looking, which will satisfy your sense of style and your cat’s sense of adventure. The tank also features an auto-off function after 4 hours, which makes it the perfect lamp to use to relax and fall asleep at night.

13.) Playlearn Sea Horse Fish Lamp Aquarium

Fake Sea Horse Aquarium for cat

If jellyfish and regular fish are too boring for your cat, consider getting him this sea horse artificial fish tank instead. The tank features Playlearn’s LED lights, and it cycles through several colors or you can choose a steady glow of red, yellow, green, blue, or purple. The modern, sleek design allows your cat to observe the glowing sea horses from either side of the tank, creating a more realistic experience. It’s incredibly easy to set up, and will keep your cat fascinated for hours. Consider purchasing other Playlearn artificial fish, jellyfish, and turtles to keep your cat wondering about who will show up next in his aquarium.

14.) Vintage Homeware Large Glass Jellyfish Tank

Vintage Homeware Large Glass Jellyfish Tank

If you’re looking for a large tank your cat won’t be able to knock over, this artificial jellyfish tank by Vintage Homeware will be your solution. This tank makes a bold statement in any room, and is sure to be a conversation piece for your guests or clients. The multi-sided tank allows for viewing of several jellyfish, and the glass optics create a surreal and mirrored effect. This tank holds 12 gallons of distilled water, so there will be a little bit involved with the initial set-up. However, once it is up and running, it requires very little maintenance. You and your cat will enjoy this as a mesmerizing decoration for your home or office.

15.) SeaBed Aquarium Motion Moving Lamp Night Light

This fake fish tank for cats features a rotating display of fish. The backlight display provides a soothing glow as the fish move through the display view, and the motor is very quiet. It’s the perfect solution for a quiet night light in any room, and your cat is sure to sit and watch the fish “float” by. The display almost has an old-fashioned computer monitor look to it, which is unique and sure to be a conversation piece.

Final thoughts

If you are looking for a low-maintenance and humane way to keep your cat entertained, fake fish tanks for cats are a great option. Not only do they work as night lights, but they are also interesting additions to any room.