Paw Perfect Nail Trimmer Review


Trimming a dog’s nails can be a trying task, but it’s gotten much easier to tackle with the Paw Perfect Nail Trimmer. The Paw Perfect Nail Trimmer device takes the “trimming” out of the equation, instead of using a rotating file to gently grind down your pet’s paws. Grooming can be expensive and risky for many dogs and cats, while it can be incredibly inconvenient for pet owners. The Paw Perfect Nail Trimmer allows owners to file down their pets’ nails from the safety and comfort of their home, whenever it is most convenient.

Paw Perfect Nail Trimmer review

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Every pet owner should devote time to their pet’s pedicures, mainly because it’s beneficial for their health. If your dog or cat isn’t regularly wearing their nails down on cement or concrete on long walks, then they need to be trimmed and filed. Most pets need a break-in period to become comfortable with the paw trimmer, but once they are comfortable, they should settle right in for a mini-spa session with you.

Paw Perfect Nail Trimmer and Maltese dog

Why it’s important to trim your dog’s nails

Cutting canine nails is tricky, especially if your dog’s nails are black. Many pet owners make the mistake of cutting too close to the quick, and both the owners and dogs are anxious and frightened to try again. Many dog owners figure they’ll leave it up to the groomer, but that can be expensive and time-consuming. It can also be risky if your dog is especially anxious about trips to the groomers.

Nails that are too long can put your dog’s feet and toes out of alignment, causing painful problems with walking. Long-term, it can have an impact on their gait by changing how they hold their elbows and shoulders, and that can lead to issues like sprains and arthritis.

Paw Perfect Nail Trimmer and cat

Why it’s important to trim your cat’s claws

Besides keeping your furniture intact, it’s important to keep your cat’s claws clipped at the very ends. It makes them less likely to seriously hurt you or others by accident while playing or kneading you, especially in the middle of the night. Those razor-sharp ends can really do some damage.

While their claws are important for hunting, if your cat is an indoor cat, those claws can become a safety hazard. They can become caught in materials like carpet, blankets, and draperies, causing your cat to panic and potentially hurt him or herself. If you start your cat young, they will get used to the clipping and filing of the ends of their claws, and everyone in the household will be much happier and safer.

Bell & Howell Paw Perfect Rotating Pet Nail File

Paw Perfect Nail Trimmer review

The Paw Perfect Nail Trimmer is an affordable and safe way to file down your pet’s nails. It comes with three files: two are fine, and one is extra fine for those extra-delicate feet. The two fine rollers are good for larger animals or tougher nails. The trimmer features a plastic covering which protects feet and fingers from the rotating file, with a small hole for one nail at a time. The coverings come with slots in three sizes, depending on the size of your dog’s nails. The files rotate between 7,000-14,000 rotations per minute, depending on which setting you choose: low or high. This ensures that each nail is filed down quickly so that you can move on to the next. This trimmer make your entire afternoon with your pet spent filing their nails.

The trimmer also features an LED light to help guide you as you trim so that you can see those hard-to-see black nails under black or dark brown fur. It’s battery- powered so you don’t have to worry about dealing with cords, and it features a comfort grip so you can keep the trimmer secured in your hand as you work. Compared to other automatic nail filers, the noise is low so it won’t scare your pet away.

Many pet owners love the safeguard plastic that prevents their dog or cat’s skin or paw pads from coming into contact with the file, unlike other automatic nail trimmers of similar size and price. Happy customers report that it’s easy to trim their pet’s nails quickly, and they feel safe while doing so. There is a break-in period, including using positive reinforcement such as treats to get your pet used to it. People who don’t follow this tend to have pets who are frightened of the device.

One of the primary pros found in the Paw Perfect Nail Trimmer reviews is that no clipping or trimming is required. If you’re afraid of cutting too close to the quick, the trimmer allows you to file instead, which lowers the risk that you will hit the quick. The LED light helps increase the safety of your nail trimming, and pets who aren’t panicking aren’t as likely to be clipped accidentally.

Some cons of the Paw Perfect Nail Trimmer include animals being frightened of it. Some pet owners say that despite its quiet running sound, it’s still too loud for their pets. Others have concerns with the quality of the files, and it’s not clear if Bell & Howell produce replacement rollers for files that wear down quickly. For the price of the trimmer, it might just be easier to buy a new one.

Final thoughts

The Paw Perfect Nail Trimmer offers a simplistic and safe way to keep your pet’s nails filed for their health and safety. As with any new device, especially one that makes noise, pet owners must first use positive reinforcement with this tool in order to make sure that the dog or cat will be receptive to it. Pet owners who jump into it will likely find the product to be a failure, but it’s not the trimmer’s fault. Spend time getting your dog or cat used to this nail trimmer, and you will save yourself time, money, and energy on the groomer each month.