Sonic Egg Bark Deterrent Review


Dogs bark for a variety of reasons, and there are lots of devices on the market to help stop them including the Sonic Egg bark deterrent. Ultrasonic bark deterrents work by emitting an ultrasonic noise that only dogs can hear, and it is a very unpleasant sound. Dogs learn that the sound is activated when they bark, and so they begin to bark less to avoid hearing the sound.

Ultrasonic devices are some of the most humane choices for bark deterrents on the market, along with citronella collars and vibration correction collars.

Shock collars are generally not recommended for deterring unwanted behavior, and can actually serve to end up making your dog more aggressive or stressed. Reducing or eliminating the barking of your dog or your neighbor’s dog can be done humanely with a Sonic Egg bark deterrents.

Barking German Shepherd

Reasons why dogs bark

Barking is just one of the ways that dogs communicate with humans and with each other. They use their voices to express a variety of emotions, including happiness, love, anger, alarm, stress, distress, and boredom.

If your dog barks excessively outside or inside, it’s time to do some training with him first. Positive reinforcement training using the “Quiet” command is one of the most effective ways to get your dog to stop excessively alarm barking. If your dog is barking out of boredom or attention-seeking behavior, there are ways to correct that through positive reinforcement as well.

Ultrasonic barking deterrents are a safe and simple solution for stopping dogs from nuisance barking inside and outside. If you have a neighbor who allows their dog to bark outside for long periods of time, these ultrasonic barking deterrents can be very effective at curbing that behavior so you can enjoy your home in peace.

If you’ve tried humane methods and training to get your dog to stop excessive barking but nothing has worked, call in a dog behavioral specialist to assess what is triggering your dog, and ways that you can help him learn to limit his vocal exercises. Sometimes, it’s something as simple as pent-up energy that he needs to run off; in other cases, it’s a symptom of a more serious issue like separation anxiety.

Whatever the case may be, there are ways you can help your dog control his barking and humane tools on the market to help you achieve peace and quiet.

Sunbeam Sonic Egg Bark Control Device Review

Sunbeam Sonic Egg Bark Control Device

If you’ve been looking into different ultrasonic bark deterrents, you’ve likely come across the Sunbeam Sonic Egg Bark Control Device. This device emits a high-pitched, ultrasonic sound that only your dog can hear. The range of the noise is up to 50 feet in front of the speaker, and there are 3 levels of sound plus a test noise. The ultrasonic frequency is unpleasant to a dog’s ears, so it discourages them from making the noise that activates the sound.

The LED indicator light shows when the device is emitting a sound, and it alerts you when the battery is running low. It uses a 9-volt battery, and it can be used in the house or easily hung anywhere outside. It’s designed for all weather and climate, and it’s waterproofed. If you’re going to mount it in the house, it should be mounted away from areas where human laughter, voices, or the TV may trigger it. You don’t want your Sonic Egg bark deterrent to frighten your dog, or to go off when your dog is being quiet.

SomeSonic Egg bark deterrent reviews do include possible downsides to this product. Unfortunately, ultrasonic bark deterrents are not guaranteed to work on every dog, especially dogs with compromised hearing such as senior dogs.

Other product users reported that it did not pick up high-pitched barks of small dogs, but it picked up the baritone-level barks of large dogs, although this seems to be disputed by other users.

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One drawback to ultrasonic devices is that they can end up frightening instead of correcting your dog. Dogs who are particularly sensitive to high-pitched tones, such as those from a smoke detector, may not like the effects of an ultrasonic noise going off in their home or yard. Make sure you use an ultrasonic bark deterrent with supervision for the first few days, especially if your dog is outside. You don’t want your dog to dig under the fence or bolt out into the street to try to get away from the sudden, piercing noise.

Meanwhile, many people who bought this product rave about how well it has worked for them, especially in a house with multiple dogs. It has also proved to be effective in reducing or eliminating nuisance barking from neighbors’ dogs, restoring the peace for many people in their yards and homes. Others are impressed that it only took one or two times for the ultrasonic sound before their dogs associated the sound with barking and stopped. It has even helped dogs who used their barking as a sense of guarding let down their guard enough to be patted and loved by guests entering the home. Not only has the Sonic Egg bark deterrent helped reduce barking in many of these cases, it’s completely changed these dogs’ social relationships with people for the better.

Sonic Egg Bark Deterrent Reviews

Final thoughts

Ultrasonic devices are a great first step to end nuisance barking in your home or in your yard. If your dog acts frightened, or extremely stressed by the sound, consider trying a different method of reducing nuisance barking, including training and citronella collars.

These devices also seem to work well for neighbors’ dogs who are left outside a lot, but keep an eye on those dogs all the same. They may be barking from distress or something more serious, and it’s important to ensure that the ultrasonic devices aren’t preventing them from telling people that something might be wrong.

Most people who invest in an ultrasonic bark deterrent find that they work quickly and easily. The Sonic Egg bark deterrent has a customer service number you can call to troubleshoot with if the device doesn’t seem to be working. Give it time, and work with your dog, and you will notice a huge difference in their barking soon enough.