Thundershirt for Cats


If you find that your pet has a problem with anxiety, it’s time to start thinking about getting a thundershirt for cats. Thundershirts are well-known for reducing stress levels by providing a familiar warmth that they felt from their mothers as kittens. This warmth can lower blood pressure, prevent their heart from racing during normal activities, and overall improve their happiness after a while.

We often think of cats as independent pets who love to run around and remain predatorial, but the truth is that they’re very scared if they ever experienced trauma. Loud noises, abusing owners in the past, and other scarring problems can stick with them forever. Buying a cat anxiety shirt can quickly turn things around for the better.

You might be skeptical about the actual results of these shirts, but thousands of owners can agree that they’re the real deal. If you’re curious about how they work, what types of cats they work for, or which ones are the best, read on below!

The Best Thundershirt for Cats

1. Urijk Cat Thunder Shirt

Urijk Cat Thunder Shirt for Cats

Starting off the list is the Urijk Cat Thunder Shirt. Made out of lightweight, breathable material, your cat will feel right at home in a world of comfort. Once you’ve seen this jacket in action, you’ll understand why so many cat owners love the results of this high-quality product. There’s even a size for every cat from XX-Small through Medium.

As far as colors go, you can choose from Blue, Light Grey, Grey, and Rose Red. While colors don’t always change the way your cat feels, you might know that they prefer one over another. Certain colors might trigger bad memories, while others tend to bring comfort. If you’re on the fence, go for a neutral choice like Light Grey.

One of the best features of this cat anxiety vest is that it’s adjustable in numerous locations. You can loosen or tighten the back end and do the same to the drawstring around their neck. The legs all have semi-snug elastic bands on the inside to hold a comfortably firm feeling as long as they’re wearing it. Also it is easier to take care for your cat’s paws, like washing them or trimming the nails.

Key Features

  • Choose from a wide range of sizes and colors
  • Several adjustable and flexible parts of the vest prevent movement restrictions
  • Made out of breathable, long-lasting materials

2. Kruuse Buster Body Suit for Cats

Kruuse Buster Cat Body Suit

Next up on the list is the Kruuse Buster Body Suit for Cats. While it’s technically designed for a mix of several situations like post-surgery clothing and warmth during the winter, it doubles as a cat anxiety vest. The naturally tight fitting fabric makes them feel much more relaxed, reducing stress and letting them rest much easier.

The two main materials used in the Kruuse Buster Body Suit for Cats are cotton and elastane. Cotton is well-known for increasing warmth within the clothing without letting the cold air in. It’s also great because your cat’s natural body heat will warm them up as well. Elastane is a nice material to flex and stretch with your cat’s movements.

If you decide to go with this specific vest, consult their sizing chart to pick out the perfect option for your cat. They offer XXX-Small, XX-Small, Extra-Small, and Small. The body length requirements go from 11.5 inches to 17.5 inches, which fits the vast majority of kittens and adult cats as well.

Key Features

  • Works for several situations, including surgery protection, warmth, and anxiety regulation
  • Comes in a wide range of sizes for cats of all ages
  • Made out of elastane and cotton for warmth and flexibility

3. Stock Show Anxiety Suit for Cats

Stock Show Anxiety Suit for Cats

Another fantastic option for pet owners whose cat seems to always feel depressed or anxious is the Stock Show Anxiety Suit for Cats. Much like the previous entry on the list, this vest works well for post-surgery protection. It’s also an adorable shirt that cats without any disabilities would look cute wearing too!

This thundershirt for cats comes in four sizes: Extra-Small, Small, Medium, and Large. You can also choose from a handful of colors and design patterns like Blue Kitten, Lemon, Pink Kitten, and Strawberry. Look through all of the choices and pick whichever one you think will help you cat feel happy and relaxed.

You might notice that this anxiety vest is probably the easiest one to put onto a cat. There are four holes for their legs, then you simply tie a few strings on the back to the desired tightness level and you’re good to go. The soft fabric never feels too tight, and it breathes exceptionally well to prevent you kitten from overheating.

Key Features

  • Choose from several different adorable colors and comfortable sizes
  • Easy to put on with a few strings and less than 30 seconds of your time
  • Made out of high-quality, breathable material throughout the vest

4. Thundershirt for Cats

Thundershirt for cats

Coming in at number four is the Thundershirt for Cats that took the concept and turned it into an actual brand. There are regular thundershirts for cats, and then there are thundershirts for cats from the original brand that made them popular! If you’re someone who likes buying from the main brand in the industry, this should be your go-to choice.

Cats are prone to becoming nervous or stressed out when they’re visiting the vet, going out into public situations, or even when you have visitors over. They’re very territorial, and when their home is changing up a bit, they think everything is never going to stop switching around. However, the Thundershirt for Cats is a game changer in the sense that it helps them breath and relax during times of pent up anxiety.

When your cat is done using the vest, you can throw it in the washing machine for a quick cleaning. The fabric naturally wicks away hair instead of letting it build up and fall all over the place. Your cat will be happy and stress-free, and you don’t have to worry about sweeping up all of their hair. What’s not to love?

Key Features

  • Created by the actual brand name of Thundershirt
  • Wash it in the laundry machine instead of spending hours cleaning it by hand
  • Easy to use with litter mat
  • Incredibly durable material that’s designed for a snug fit

5. YAAGLE Pet Adjustable Stress Relief Anxiety Jacket

YAAGLE Pet Adjustable Stress Relief Anxiety Jacket

Not all cat vests work the same. In fact, some of them aren’t adjustable, while others have countless areas that you can change up to perfectly fit your cat. The YAAGLE Pet Adjustable Stress Relief Jacket falls into the second category, as it uses Velcro in plenty of areas to loosen or tighten it from many points.

The fleece lining of this thundershirt for cats lets body heat buildup for a warming feeling. However, it also allows for quite a bit of airflow to prevent them from feeling too hot when they’re wearing it. Whether they’re learning to reduce anxiety during a storm or a doctor visit, or you simply want them to get used to wearing clothes, this lightweight jacket is a wonderful option.

Choosing to purchase this cast anxiety vest will grant you many choices like Green, Pink, and Purple, all of which come with an adorable bowtie. The available sizes include XX-Small, Medium, and Large. Check out their sizing chart if you’re having problem figuring out which one is meant for your cat.

Key Features

  • Loose, breathable fabric with an inner fleece lining for warmth
  • Includes several sizes and colors to select from
  • Easy to adjust with Velcro straps and patches

6. DOTON Cat Pajama Suit

DOTON Cat Pajama Suit

Last but certainly not least on the list is the DOTON Cat Pajama Suit. It’s made for all sorts of purposes, including promoting a normal night of sleeping for cats who tend to stay up all night from anxiety. Insomnia is often found in cats who feel uncomfortable in their environment for several reasons, but it’s treatable with a thundershirt.

This cat vest is easy to apply with a few leg holes and a series of buttons going along the underside. Your cat can have it on in a matter of seconds, and it’s very breathable to let them feel cooled off at all times. However, the snug fitting is great for the aforementioned maternal feeling that anxious cats often need to have.

You can buy these shirts in either a single pack or a set of two. There are many colors available, like Blue, Grey, Pink, and a combination of the three. Once you’ve chosen the colors that you want for your cat, you can then move on to the sizing chart. The sizes are Small, Medium, and Large with clear distinctions between each of them.

Key Features

  • Easy to put on with a series of small bottoms near the stomach area
  • Holds snug without preventing breathability
  • Multiple colors and sizes for each and every cat

Tips to Pick the Right Thundershirt for Your Cat

Now that you’ve seen all of the best thundershirts for cats that money can buy, you’re one step closer to reducing your cat’s anxiety levels. However, there are still a few questions and tips that might help you pick out the perfect match from the list above. If you’re still on the fence about their effectiveness, or you’re stuck between two or three choices, refer to the advice in this section to clarify the process.

Can a cat have anxiety?

There’s no doubt that our pets can have serious anxiety, depression, and stress, cats included. These signs are easily spotted by watching their behaviors during normal daily activities around other people, animals, and situations that are slightly different from regular routines. For example, some cats can have a panic attack or serious anxiety spring up out of nowhere if someone knocks on the door or rings the doorbell. This sudden unexpected noise might be startling, but it should never be more than that.

Another way to spot a cat’s anxiety is to monitor their sleeping habits. Cats are very similar to us humans in the sense that they can have insomnia and other sleeping issues if they’re anxious all the time. It can raise their blood pressure and heart rate, and eventually it’ll cause brain functioning problems. If you notice that your cat is always tired, never sleeps for very long, or they don’t have any energy to play during the day, then they might have anxiety.

You might also spot anxiety or depression in a cat if they’re afraid of everything. They shouldn’t be scared to be held, comforted, or fed if they’re feeling normal. Keep an eye out for strange behaviors and random sprints away from other family members. They might be hiding under a bed for a nice nap, but if they need it to feel safe, there could be a real problem that’s worth looking into. If your cat is always trying to escape outside, you should think about tracking collar!

The absolute best way to find out any health issues with your cat is to visit the local veterinarian. They’ll be able to diagnose your pets with actual disorders, or they can tell you that nothing is wrong at all. In any situation, peace of mind is well-worth the time and effort it takes to bring your pets in to the doctor’s office for a regular checkup. After all, our animals don’t really have any way to tell us that they need help other than small signs of stress or fear.

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Does ThunderShirt work for cats?

Absolutely! There were a few people who doubted the effectiveness of using a thundershirt for cats, but those doubts have been shut down. There are all sorts of reasons that these comforting vests can help reduce anxiety and stress over short periods of time, sometimes with long-lasting results. Worst case scenarios simply require that you let your cat wear their vest more often than not. Either way you and your cat will be pleased with the results of it!

If you’ve seen a lot of thundershirt for cats’ reviews lately, you’ll notice that the general agreement is that they mimic the feeling of being cuddled and held. Cats might not be the cuddliest pets that we own, but they always love the feeling of being comforted and protected whenever they can be. When they’re young, their mothers always stay close and keep them out of harm’s way, which is exactly what it feels like when they put on a thundershirt.

In addition to that, these cat vests are great because they can protect your cat against the cold. Lower temperatures often make animals feel vulnerable or unsafe for one reason or another, but these shirts warm them up with natural body heat. Try to opt for one of the breathable options on the list above if you live in a warmer climate, since you don’t want them to heat up too much in the summer.

The science behind thundershirts for cats basically shows that it’s very similar to when we take a warm bath. You might have a few candles lit while relaxing in the spa or bath, and it’s always one of the most relaxing feelings around. We all know that cats don’t really like being in the water, much less soaking up in a tub, but being warm lowers their heart rate and makes them nice and sleepy for this reason you should use boots for cats. In the long run, more sleep reduces the chance of having anxiety in the first place, which is why so many owners notice long-term results.

If you’re still concerned about whether or not they work, you’ll be relieved to know that the entire list above includes budget-friendly options. You don’t have to spend loads of money to hope that it’ll work. A low price for fantastic, undeniable anxiety relief for a cat is something that all pet owners would take the opportunity for. It’s also a better alternative to spending three or four times the amount of medication that might not work at all.

Cat in clothes

Is it okay to put clothes on cats?

This concept has been up for debate for many years, especially with the emergence of several animal rights groups and activists. The overall argument is that cats have no way of telling us if they want to wear clothes, so who are we to assume that they should put them on? In truth, all cats are different, but they all have a few things in common. You won’t find many cats who put up with something that they don’t like for very long, especially when it comes to wearing clothes.

The real question isn’t whether or not it’s okay to put clothes on cats, but rather is it okay to put clothes on your cat in particular. It’s very easy to find out if they like wearing clothes, since all you have to do is put a shirt or jacket on them and they’ll let you know. For example, some cats will wear it around and relax on the couch as if it were a blanket. On the other hand, some cats might try to rip it off constantly. Keep in mind that a new set of clothes will make any pet question what’s going on, so it might take a few attempts to really understand the truth.

In the end, you should give it a while before you come to a conclusion. Cats who suffer from anxiety might fear the coat at first since they’re not used to it. After understanding its purpose and how comfortable the jacket makes them feel, they’re bound to love it. If you’re simply trying to put a hat on your cat, or something that’s easy to take off, you might find yourself with a bit of a problem convincing them that it’s not a toy.

There’s nothing cruel about giving our pets something that’ll help them regulate stress levels and cut back on negative feelings. However, you don’t want to be that pet owner who forces clothing onto their cat just for looks. It’s all about how they feel, and whether or not they’re comfortable wearing new clothes. Take a few hours or days to really understand the way they wear or rip off the clothes, and you’ll have your answer in no time.

Do cats like wearing jumpers?

Cats definitely enjoy wearing jumpers when it helps them out in some way or another. They don’t care at all about fashion or appearance the way we do, so it’s all up to how well it benefits them. Nobody likes anxiety and stress, and that includes our pets. If they notice that something they’re wearing takes it away, than you better believe that they’re going to enjoy wearing it!

Another thing to note is that they don’t care about the fact that it’s a jumper, a swim suit, or one of those hilarious taco costumes for cats. They want that warm, comfortable feeling that relaxes them so they can sleep or nap whenever they feel like it. Many of the choices in the list above this section have basic designs, while others have patterns. Other than the rare cat that might have a connection to one color over another, the appearance is up to you.

anxiety in cats

What causes anxiety in cats?

Cats are very impressionable in their younger years. Abusive owners, neglecting mothers, loud noises, and a number of other occurrences can cause long-term mental disorders. Although there’s nothing that you can do to change what happened to them in the past, you can absolutely work on reshaping the way they see everything around them. Being a loving pet owner, feeding them healthy food, promoting good exercise, and maybe even a thundershirt will all help them feel much better.

Think about how many people are afraid of the dark from being a kid, or how many people don’t like heights from scary memories or things they’ve seen on TV. With nobody to explain the truth behind their fears, cats develop internalized anxiety disorders that stick around if they’re not treated. The good news is that we live in a time when we have all of the tools we need at our disposal to help our cats feel better, relaxed, and happy about the world they live in. For making your cat happy and healty you can try artificial fish tank that can help for your cat to relax!